Do you want to waste time and really get frustrated just go thru a drive-thru. I know they are supposed to make it convenient to grab a burger or a taco but that is never the case. They are slow and always screw-up my order.

Here is how my visit go’s. I pull up to the order microphone, someone who sounds really happy to be there wants to take my order. I tell them exactly what I want, they repeat it back to me and in most cases it’s wrong. I give them it again.

I pull up to the window, pay and after a few minutes they come back to the window they ask me to pull up and someone will bring my order out.

Now, this person runs out to me, hands me a couple of bags and runs off. I open the bags to check my order and guess what? It’s not the right order, not only is it wrong but there is no ketchup or napkins in the bag. What you can’t take a couple of seconds to put that stuff in the bag?

I get out of my vehicle, go in and a person behind the counter looks at me like I just kicked their dog. What’s quick and easy about that? Nothing so, in my book drive-thrus are a waste of time.

I have always had the bad service going thru the drive-thru. So I just go in.