Robert Ohlen, the longtime head of the DreamHack gaming convention and eSports festival, has been relieved from his duties just one month before its Winter 2014 event.

Polygon reports that DreamHack's upper level management team has fired CEO Robert Ohlen after an ongoing struggle between its executive board and its public face. A DreamHack rep told The Daily Dot that he had been "relieved of his duties," but his Tweets (provided below, warning NSFW) suggest he was fired. DreamHack originally started as a LAN party in Malung, Sweden during late 1994 in the basement of an elementary school. Now, DreamHack holds the Guinness World Record for having the world's largest LAN party and computer festival. The DreamHack Winter 2013 event had 22,810 people in attendance and 7.77 million people viewing the live event online. As of Nov. 2012, DreamHack has been partnering with Major League Gaming and the Electronic Sports Game to help it grow in the North American and European eSports scene.

It is believed that the new CEO of DreamHack will be Markus Lindmark, a longtime event manager for the company. Despite Ohlen's dismissal, DreamHack Winter 2014 is still on track to start in Jonkoping, Sweden on Nov. 27.

Here are a couple of Ohlen's angry Tweets about losing his position: