The University of Colorado is allowing students pay off their parking tickets by donating food. Think Grand Junction law enforcement should do the same?

Just a month or so after moving here I got a parking ticket. I was at lunch and hadn't slugged enough change into a downtown parking meter. I arrived back at my truck less than 10 minutes after the meter expired only to find a ticket on my windshield. I paid the $10 but wouldn't it had been better if I had helped a local charity like the Community Food Bank?

All this week CU students can bring in five nonperishable food items to pay off their parking fines. Of course, students are welcome to donate if you owe a fine or not. I mean wouldn't that $10 I gave the city be better spent supporting a local charity?

Which reminded me, our final Community Holiday Food Drive donation event is this Saturday.

Community Food Bank Holiday Food Drive, brought to you by Carville’s Auto Mart

WHEN: Saturday, December 16th  10am-3pm

WHERE: Safeway on 2512 Broadway in the Redlands

 EXTRAS: Carville’s Auto Mart will match cash donations up to $1,000! Everyone who donates will receive a Colorado Lottery Holiday Scratcher!

Credit: Fox31

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