When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I GET THAT.  This, however, is just not cool.

Denver's Park Hill residents are tired of being pooped on. There's been a man who has been literally running around and pooping in and around Denver's Park Hill neighborhood.

According to Fox 31, a man was caught on surveillance dropping his pants and pooping in the neighborhood including an alley where cameras caught him in broad daylight.

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Residents say they've seen the man, who appears to be exercising do it a few times in the same place...an alleyway. Witnesses say the man is coming prepared with toilet paper but not a plastic bag to pick anything up or disposing of anything properly.

I'm not going to lie, while I'm running, it ALWAYS makes me want to poop. It doesn't matter if I go before or how I feel when I start my run.

Not to dwell on this topic, I usually know about how long it will take for the urge to hit while running so I always make sure I run near a place I know I can use a restroom. There are lots of them near my house because they're building lots of houses so I just borrow the construction crew's portapotty.

While I can understand this man's problem, he HAS to understand that this is NOT how you handle the problem in public and/or outdoors.

This isn't the first time this has been an issue in Colorado, this was before I moved here but back in 2017 the "Mad Pooper" struck Colorado Springs and while I was living halfway across the country up in Seattle, I remember hearing about this in the news.

Here are some tips on pooping outside and how to properly do it and pick up after yourself.

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