In life, there's a few things that really do suck! Among them is death, taxes, and moving!

If you have to rank them, death is by far the worst. Let's face it, after your final breath, there are no second chances. No "do overs." No going back. It's the finality of the deal that makes it by far the most difficult.

No question, taxes suck! What does the government do with that money anyway? No question we need most of what the money is supposed to provide, schools, police, fire department, military, and the like. But just as true is that too much tax payer money is wasted and well, that's a whole other story.

To compare moving with death and taxes isn't right I know. However, it does seem fitting when you're in the throws of the ordeal. Doing this radio thing requires me to move to land the next gig and this move has been my most challenging by far. The distance from the KC area made for a long drive but before I could make the trip, there's the packing, securing the moving truck, loading, and the driving. And there's nothing sexy about driving across Kansas in a moving truck. No way to look cool either. Then there's the climb though the mountains. Now I'm that guy holding up traffic.  The guy I'm giving the evil eye as I pass. Finally,after two days and 5 tanks of gas I roll into Grand Junction.  Sure the hard parts over but there's the unloading, unpacking, putting stuff away, calling the cable company, water, electric, post office, bank, and on it goes. My stuff is in my new apartment but still in boxes. Anyone up for an unpacking party? I'll by the beer!

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