Well now...this is embarrassing for these robbers!

A couple of guys went into a cell phone store in Patterson, New Jersey recently, looking to rob the place. They pulled a gun on the store's manager, who told the robbers to take whatever they wanted.

While they were perusing the goods and stuffing their sacks, the manager snuck through a door that connected to an adjacent office and told everyone to get out. He then managed to lock the robbers inside of the store and call 911.

In this time, a crowd of people had gathered outside of the store, where they looked through the windows and taunted the robbers inside who were pleading for someone to open the door and let them out.

Due to some miscommunication, the 911 operator who took the call thought that the call was simply for a shoplifter, not an armed robbery. Because of this, the police weren't dispatched for a little while, giving the robbers enough time to rummage through a toolbox, unbolt the bars on the doors and escape! So, while they did get away, it's gotta be pretty embarrassing to end up a prisoner in the store you were hoping to rob!

And if you're a shoplifter in Patterson, New Jersey, good news for you! The cops take their good 'ol sweet time if you don't have a weapon!

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