Orthodontists everywhere have a message for people that we can't believe they even have to say, trying your own makeshift braces at home is dangerous (and dumb)!

The American Association of Orthodontists told WNEM.com that they have been seeing an influx of people causing major damage by trying to do their braces themselves.

People are doing all kinds of stupid things including using rubber bands, floss, fishing line, and paper clips. They've also been known to bite on pencils, use makeshift retainers, and push their teeth with their fingers.

Aside from the obvious reasons it's dangerous, the rubber bands can get lost in the gums, cause gum infections, or lead to bone structure problems.

Of course, like most stupidity, they credit the rise partly to social media and YouTube tutorials on how to straighten your teeth on your own.

So take their advice and let us warn you too, don't try to fix your teeth on your own. No matter how desperate you are or how much your teeth look like Justin's, just don't!

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