A dad from Colorado Springs posted his crying baby for sale on Craigslist, saying it was a joke. But his neighbors did think so.

Chris Small said his baby was crying all morning and he joked with his girlfriend that he should post the baby for sale on Craigslist. So he did. The ad read:

White baby for sale - $2,500 -- "Healthy white baby for sale cheap. Works fine but leaks out of his eyes occasionally."

The ad has been taken down, but not before Chris Small received backlash. His neighbors said it wasn't funny at all. One neighbor, Andrea Edward, said:

You don't do that to babies, you don't do that to anybody, period. My first reaction -- I would have called the cops.

Small apologizes for the stir he's caused, saying:

I apologize for any public outcry. He's definitely mine. He's not for sale. I'm keeping him. I love him.

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