A cop down in Denver ends up getting busted for blowing off work and going to strip club for fun is a perfect example of doing something stupid at work and getting suspended.

Who in their right mind would leave their job early and head over to a strip club especially if you're with the Denver Police Department?

According to News3 Shederick Dobbin, a Denver police officer made this foolish choice ending in a 10-day suspension.

Not only did Dobbin leave work early to go have some fun there were more shenanigans involved.

Apparently, he also made some big mistakes for looking up personal information on a few strippers ... umm, what?

Makes me think about how many stupid ways someone could get suspended from their job.

Let's just count some of the ways ...

Showing up drunker than a skunk, being higher than a kite, sleeping in every day or who knows what stupid thing might tempt someone like Officer Dobbin?

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