Crime Stoppers of Mesa County is one of the nations best! They recently received three national awards at their annual conference.

Everyone's invited to the Grand Junction Police Department on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at 11:00 am as the details and awards are handed out.

I've worked with Crime Stoppers in nearly every market I've worked in my many years in radio. National Night Out, local law enforcement, and other various crime prevention organizations are a natural part of radio's commitment to the market and helping to make each community a safer place to live. It's awesome to see Crime Stoppers of Mesa County be recognized for their exceptional work.

Our partnership with Crime Stoppers is invaluable, and helps include our community in crime prevention and investigation efforts,” says Chief John Camper, of the Grand Junction Police Department. “It’s gratifying to see their hard work recognized on a national level.”

Crime Stoppers is an independent, non-profit organization that coordinates relationships between all area law enforcement agencies, local media, and citizens to prevent and solve crime in the community. It's a great organization. I'd encourage everyone to volunteer your time and consider a monetary donation to their operation. It's money and time invested right to the heart of every community for the betterment and safety of everyone.

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