Sure, being a convenience store clerk at a gas station doesn't have the sex appeal of, say, a toll booth operator, but that doesn't mean you can't have some days where you feel like an action star.

Angel Gonzales, the manager of a Sunoco convenience store in Toledo, Ohio, went all vigilante on Wednesday by attacking a robber with a fire extinguisher when the suspect went after an employee who's eight months pregnant.

The goon jumped over the counter in an attempt to get money that pregnant employee Desiree Hunt had in her hand.

Two other employees raced to the aid of Hunt, including Gonzales, who also grabbed a fire extinguisher, which she used to smack the suspect several times before a customer held her back from finishing him off like Ralphie when he beat the living daylights out of Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story.

Gonzales said it's the third time she's encountered such a situation and she's "tired of it," which we take to mean she's going to unleash some real holy hell the next time it happens. Because she is not to be messed with and maybe, just maybe, neither are all the other hard-working folks in retail. Just remember that the next time you ever think you can slip out of a convenience store without paying for a Slim Jim.

The suspect, by the way, is still at-large.

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