We just passed the horrific 20-year anniversary of the mass murder at Columbine High School that shocked the nation on April 20, 1999.

37-year-old Austin Eubanks sadly was shot twice on that tragic day in 1999 as was his best friend, Corey DePooter that was next to him.

Austin Eubanks survived that nightmare in 1999, but unfortunately, his best friend did not.

When Austin was in his 20s, he battled a drug addiction with prescription drugs, opioids, and alcohol.

He suffered from an overwhelming amount of grief for being the one that survived the worst day ever.

After a lot of work and many attempts of overcoming his addiction, he started speaking out about staying clean and drug-free.

On Saturday, May 18 Austin Eubanks has sadly lost his battle with drugs in his home in Steamboat Springs.

According to Channel7 Austin's family released a statement that Austin:

lost his battle with the very disease he fought so hard to help others face. Helping to build a community of support is what meant the most to Austin, and we plan to continue his work.

The family of Austin Eubanks is also asking for some privacy during this time.

My heart goes out to the Eubanks family and I pray for their hearts and that God gives them unbelievable peace knowing that Austin made an incredible difference in many peoples lives.

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