Some Colorado teachers are arming themselves.

I clearly remember where I was when the Columbine story broke. I was in Springfield, Missouri at the radio station working in my office. It was a sunny spring afternoon when our TV partners called to inform us of the breaking news. On my way to the studio, I dropped by the break room to join a few others staring at the TV in disbelief. How could this be happening? I'm sure that day resonates even more clearly to those of you living here in Colorado. When events like what we witnessed in South Florida appear on our TV screens we instantly flashback to that fateful spring day.

And once again we're asking the question "How could this have been prevented?" School districts in Colorado and across the country made sweeping security changes after the Columbine event. Some schools have taken even more drastic action.

Teachers in Fleming, Colorado are arming themselves. It's a small town with limited law enforcement so they've decided that arming their teachers is the right thing to do. Of course, all must complete an extensive training program and pass a backgound check. Should Grand Junction and area schools consider doing the same? Would the fact that students know their teachers have weapons help to prevent an attack in the first place?

Credit: Denver7 

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