A Colorado treasure hunter claims to be duped and is suing for $1.5 million.

New Mexico resident, Forrest Fenn, hid a chest filled with valuables in the Rocky Mountains.

The treasure chest reportedly had $2 million worth of gold nuggets, rare coins, jewelry, and gemstones.

Fenn has an autobiography, The Thrill of the Chase, and he published a poem in the book that he claimed had clues to the location of the treasure chest.

Many have participated in this treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. 4 people have died in their journey.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that Colorado Springs resident David Hanson is suing 89-year-old Forrest Fenn because Hanson suspects “fraudulent statements” from Fenn about where the treasure was located.

Hanson filed a complaint claiming he followed the given clues, but when he arrived at the location Fenn gave additional clues leading him away and allowed someone else to discovered the treasure.

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