The lure of gold has been irresistible to humans for ages and continues to do so. For one woman in Arizona the lure has been so great her search has ended in her rescue, twice.

Miner in Gold Mine
China Photos, Getty Images

Arizona's Lost Dutchman Mine is supposedly filled with riches. The problem is that the lost mine is likely nothing more than just a myth. The legend has gone on for more than 100 years and some believe that east of Phoenix, Arizona in the Superstition Mountains likes treasure.

The promise of gold and search for it goes as far back at the 1700's when Jesuit preist Euseblo Francisco Kino found several sources of gold. Many other stories followed and now 51-year old Robin Bird had added to that twice.

Over the winter in December 2012 Robin found herself lost searching for the treasure. She waited for it to warm up again and recently made a second attempt, with similar results. Her second failed attempt was on Wednesday February 20, 2013 and ended with her lost in life-threatening conditions.

She was found by search and rescue in the Superstition Mountains, after traveling from Missouri to find the treasure. Robin claims, "God told her where to find it." When she was found just before midnight she told rescuers she had "given up."

Earlier the day before on Tuesday, Robin gave directions to other hikers. Not knowing the area, but wanting to be helpful those were wrong. They were rescued around 12:30am Wednesday, it's not clear if she was trying to throw them off the trail of riches.

The head of search and rescue David Bremson said, “Most of the body recoveries we’ve done out of the Supes have been Dutch hunters.”

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