Colorado is the 5th strongest state in the country.

Yea, I wasn't exactly sure what that meant either. Are there more weightlifters in Colorado or something? It's not that kind of "strong." According to the website Politico, Colorado ranks as one of the best or "strongest" places to live in the US.

The rankings are based on several things. Some of the criteria included the current unemployment rate, wellbeing, life expectancy, percentage of high school graduates, and overall student test scores. Colorado scored highest in the "well-being",  lower unemployment rate, and the annual per capita income categories.

Webster's defines "well-being" as "the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy." That's a bit more subjective than the unemployment rate, and annual income, but good to know folks "feel good" living here. The current unemployment rate stands at 2.7%. When compared to other states, Colorado is at 9th on that list. Colorado ranked 11th on the per-capita income list as well.

New Hampshire finished on top for the 4th year in a row. Minnesota, Vermont, and Utah round out the top 5. Wyoming finished in a solid 8th place. Not bad but still 3 slots behind the great state of Colorado! Be strong and live long!

Credit: Fox31

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