CSFS is encouraging seedling purchases

As of today, the state of Colorado has more wildfires burning than any other state in the west. Thousands and thousands of acres of forest have been destroyed. As firefighters continue to battle the flames, the Colorado State Forest Service is already planning for the restoration effort.

You can help by purchasing seedlings. The Colorado State University has partnered with the Forest Service and selling seedlings online. Every $2 donation purchases one seedling. These little trees are grown at the CSFS Nursery and since 2003, the nursery has provided 122,000 trees.

When a destructive wildfire hits, the first priority is protecting human life and property,” said Mike Lester, state forester and CSFS director. “But for the long-term recovery of our communities and forests, planting trees provides an important means to help stabilize soils, protect water supplies and restore the landscape.”

It's imperative that the restoration of the scorched earth get underway as quickly as possible. With the loss of trees and other vegetation, heavy rain can cause mudslides. These can pollute streams or lead to highway closures and other road damage.


Please consider making a donation today to the Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund. For more info or to help out click HERE.

Credit: Denver7News

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