The way Coloradoans consume weed is changing.

You probably heard that Colorado weed sales broke yet another record. Last week the Colorado Department of Revenue reported marijuana sales broke the $1 Billion dollar mark. That's a thousand-million! Let that sink in for just a minute.

What's interesting too is the way people are consuming marijuana is changing. More people are buying more edibles and concentrated products than ever. The sale of edibles increased by nearly 14% with concentrates sales up a whopping 95%. That's nearly double what it was just months ago. It shouldn't be all that surprising. Edibles are more convenient and much more discreet. You can much down a gummy and not be concerned about wreaking. Concentrates are more appealing too because they can be vaporized using a portable vaporizer just like those used by tobacco smokers. Most believe it’s a healthier alternative to smoking as vaping doesn’t release the tar and carcinogens you get from smoke.

With the demand for these alternatives, the price of bud is going down. This year saw the average price of weed drop from $846 to $759 per pound. The trend towards edibles and concentrates is only excepted to continue. Let's face it, this isn't the old pot brownies from back in the day and today's concentrates are far more potent than yesterday's hash.

Credit: KRDO

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