Colorado marijuana sales continue at a record-setting pace.

July 2018 state-wide sales broke yet another record. The state's dispensaries sold over $138.5 million worth of marijuana products that month. That's the highest, no pun intended monthly total in the 4-year history of Colorado weed sales. That total edged out August of last year's previous record of $138.46 million.

Recreational weed sales in July was record-setting as well. The $111.2 million dollar total beat out March of this year for the most retail sales in a single month.

Medical marijuana sales bounced back with June and July both showing growth in monthly sales. The July monthly medical sales accounted for $27.2 million in revenue. That's a 4% increase from May.

As sales continue to increase month-to-month and from year-to-year, you wonder what the ceiling is? At this point, nobody's quite sure what that number is. The spike in summer sales suggests too that "green vacations" are indeed a thing. People may not be visiting Colorado to sit around and get high but the experience is certainly part of the fun.

I'm not going get all into why Grand Junction isn't cashing in. I've asked the question several times without much of a response. It just seems crazy not claim a piece of the growing revenue pie.

Credit: Westworld

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