Extreme drought conditions are expanding in Colorado.

There currently isn't any "Exceptional" (D4), the driest of the United States Drought Monitor categories, areas in Colorado but the "Extreme" (D3) category continues to grow now encompassing 13% of the state. That's up from 9% earlier this year.

Grand Junction and the Grand Valley is included in the states "Extreme" conditions. The drought currently affects approximately 4,232,000 people in Colorado, which is about 84% of the population. The dry conditions are some of the worst in years.

These extreme drought conditions are the driving force behind the recent wildfires in northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. No real change in the current weather pattern is excepted in the near future.

Authorities remind everyone to use extra precautions when buring and make sure all campfires, grills, and all other fire sources are completely extinguished after use. Also too, if you smoke to please not flick your butts out the car window.


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