A popular Colorado-based dispensary has narrowly avoided hefty legal fees and being forced to shut down by making a deal with lawmakers after one of its co-owners was caught engaging in criminal activity.

The Colorado Dispensary

The dispensary is located in Denver, Colorado at 2042 Bannock Street as is called the Denver Recreational Dispensary or "Den-Rec" for short.

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In addition to its main store on Bannock Street, Den-Rec also has another location in Denver as well as another in Lyons, Colorado.

What Did Den-Rec's Co-Owner Get Busted For?

The former co-owner that got the dispensary in hot water, Marc Monaco, has since been relieved from his position following being charged with a number of offenses.

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Monaco was busted by the Denver Police Department in 2021 for trying to sell roughly 22 pounds of marijuana to a police informant for a total of $44,000. Shortly after making the deal, a search warrant was issued for Monaco's home where authorities found close to 17 pounds of marijuana, multiple firearms, $143,000 in cash, and several items used to package and sell marijuana.

How Did Den-Rec Avoid Being Shut Down?

Because of Monaco getting busted, Den-Rec ended up being in a tight spot and was forced to terminate Monaco to avoid being shut down and charged with significant fines.

In order to keep their licenses, Den-Rec agreed to terminate Monaco within 90 days and not violate any codes to avoid losing all of their current licenses and face a $50,000 fine.

Current Den-Rec co-owner Ryan Buffkin insists that the business is operating in compliance with all rules and regulations and had no involvement with Monaco's extracurricular criminal activities.


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