As a bar patron for many years, it has always been a dream of mine to be a guy like Sam from Cheers (the bar owner from the namesake bar played by Ted Danson), serving drinks to guys like Norm and Cliff as a classy yet enjoyable gig.

However, it would seem that the cards did not exactly fall in that direction for me and subsequently, I fell into a radio career, which has also worked out for me greatly.

There is a man in Colorado though, that has recently ended up following in Sam Malone's footsteps and has recently purchased a Colorado bar.

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The man in question here found himself inside Oak Creek, a 900-person bar in Steamboat Springs and after consuming somewhere near three cocktails, ended up buying the bar following being informed that the watering hole was up for sale.

The man who eventually bought the bar after having a few drinks, Denver local Skyler McKinley had this to say about his experience:

As fate would have it, I saddled up to the closest bar, ordered a Jack on the rocks, and asked the bartender what she could tell me about the place. This was only her third shift on the job, she said, but as best she knew, the joint was for sale. I finished my drink, ordered another, and midway through that one had the liquid courage to ask her if she had the owner’s phone number.

Skyler ended up receiving the owner's phone number and is now the proud owner of the bar.


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