Local Colorado animal groups are in route to Texas to help rescue and feed animals left behind or that have been separated from them their owners.

In the effort to save human life and property, pets and animals are often the forgotten victims. Perhaps, in the effort to evacuate it's just not possible to take your pets. Other times, pets are scared and run off and find themselves lost. If any of you saw the video of horses being herded in the flood water by SeeDoos, it was incredible.

A group of animal search and rescue team members, based out of Longmont, are headed to help the local Houston SPCA. Another group of Colorado volunteers from Code 3 Associates joined the Big Animal Rescue Truck team of professionals helping save and shelter animals affected by the massive flooding. The Code 3 Associates, is a not-for-profit group providing rescue response and training to volunteers in animal related law enforcment and emergencies.

These are another example of groups sacrificing their time and efforts to help those that need assistance. Please consider making a donation to any of these or other not-for-profit organizations helping with the disaster relief.

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