Red Mountain Pass is officially reponed.

It has been a monumental task removing all the snow and debris covering highway 550 through Red Mountain Pass. The famous "Million Dollar Highway" had been closed since March 3rd when CDOT's mitigation efforts brought down more snow and debris than anticipated. That avalanche covered the highway in 30 feet of snow. In some spots, the snow was closer to 60 feet deep!

With this monumental effort, the Colorado Department of Transportation didn't want to put a hard date on when the pass would be cleared. As of this morning, Friday, March 22ed the road is open. If you plan to head that way, be prepared. Chain laws are in effect for all vehicles traveling through the pass. Over the top of the pass is still icy and snow-packed. The lower elevations are in better shape but still wet and slushy.

CDOT crews worked around the clock to reopen the road. Just past 10 AM this morning (Friday) the first vehicle passed through the gate on north highway 550 through Red Mountain Pass.

Credit: Fox31

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