Reducing animal-vehicle collisions and improving safety is the motivation behind the proposal.

Back on October 4th, I shared a story about the Colorado Department of Transportation's search for a solution to the animal-vehicle collision problem. CDOT is offering $15,000 to the person, or persons, that gets a plan implemented. Meanwhile, CDOT is proposing the construction of wildlife crossings such as underpasses that allow the animals to safely cross under highways. The plan too would modify some current drainage structures creating a passageway allowing animals to cross from one side to the other. CDOT says the project would be part of $220 million in recommended statewide highway improvements.

In 2016, there were 263 crashes in Colorado as a result of a collision with a deer, elk, or moose. Two people were killed in those accidents with 400 people injured. That's according to Colorado State Farm Insurance. No question, it's a big problem.

Wildlife over and underpasses help reduce accidents. In a 10-mile stretch of Highway 9 where such were installed, the number of collisions with deer and elk was reduced by 87%. For the latest info on this project, just click HERE.

Credit: 5News 

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