The I-70 Westbound Mountain Express Lane project begins on Monday, July 15th.

The new I-70 $70 million dollar express lane project will function much like the existing eastbound express lane. The additional lane will be 12 miles long. It will start at the Veterans Memorial tunnels extending to the Empire Junction exit. CDOT plans to convert the existing shoulder into the new express lane. The additional lane will be available to drivers during heavy traffic times. Of course, drivers will pay a toll to use it.

CDOT spokesperson Tamara Rollison explains, "What that will do is it will greatly improve travel times. Once it’s completed, you’ll have the option of using that express lane in exchange for paying a toll so you’ll have a reliable trip."

The highway construction project is scheduled for completion sometime in late 2020. However, drivers won't be able to access the additional lane until the spring of 2021.

How will this construction impact I-70 traffic? The work will require the closure of a westbound lane. CDOT also says they'll try to limit the lane shut-downs to "low-volume traffic periods." CDOT plans to keep both westbound lanes open as much as possible by staging the construction equipment in the eastbound Express Lane.

You can keep up on the progress of the project and get updated traffic info on the Colorado Department of Transportation's website by clicking HERE.

Credit: CDOT & Fox31

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