Colorado law allows anyone to break into a vehicle to save a pet or child.

This was news to me. I don't own a pet or have kids but I wasn't aware that anyone can legally break into a car if they believed a pet or child's life was in danger.

As summer approaches it's important to remember to never leave kids or dogs unattended in your car. With the windows up on a 90-degree day, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise above 100 in just a few minutes. On a sunny 72-degree day the temperature can shoot up over 100 or more in just an hour. Even with the windows cracked it can still get hot, it just takes longer. In most cases, it takes about 30 minutes for the tempeture inside to reach the 100-degree mark or higher.

So you know, people just can't just walk up an bust out your window if they think a pet or child's life is in danger. The law passed last year allows citizens to break into the car but only if the situation meets certain criteria.

  • Reasonable belief the kid or pet is in imminent danger of suffering serious bodily injury
  • Make a reasonable effort to contact the owner and law enforcement
  • Check to see if the vehicle is locked before breaking in
  • Remain with the animal or child until law enforcement or first responders arrive

The new law passed early last August. Colorado is one of just a couple dozen states that give a Good Samaritan immunity if they decide to break into a vehicle to save a child or pet.

Credit: Fox31

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