Can this new barber shop on Orchard Mesa really do this for me? It's a bold claim, but who knows, maybe they can.

Speaking as someone with both baby-fine hair and a rapidly receding hairline, the thought of looking like one of the Three Stooges is more fact than fiction. My morning styling routine consists of some truly creative and funky techniques in order to make my head look suitable for viewing.

While I currently resemble the character at left far more than I do the character at right, perhaps this place can help me out. While looking like George Clooney probably isn't written in my stars, it might be worth a shot.This is the part where the disclaimer "actual results may vary" really kicks in.

More than anything, I really get a kick out of the sign. You'll spot this in front of the Orchard Mesa Plaza on Highway 50, right by Subway. This sign really brightens my morning when making the drive to work.

Berkley's Upper Cuts has been in operation for awhile in Grand Junction. They have their location on Patterson, and recently opened the shop located on Orchard Mesa.

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