According to The Colorado Department of Transportation, traffic deaths are on the rise. The reasons may surprise you. Perhaps you're guilty of one of the causes.
Overall, there was a  24% increase in traffic fatalities from 2015 to 2016. According to the results of a new statewide survey, we now may know the reasons why. The CDOT released their annual driver survey where they ask people throughout Colorado about their driving habits.
Every year, CDOT does a survey of 6-7 hundred drivers to find out what is actually going on our roadways when it comes to impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, and seat belt use,” said Sam Cole, CDOT’s Communication Manager. According to Cole, "69% of respondents admitted to speeding, which is up 4% from last year.  “If there is one thing you can do to prevent a crash is to slow down." I know I drive too fast sometimes.
22% reported they had read a text message while behind the wheel, and 15% said they wrote a message while driving. You and I have never done that, right?
38% of respondents reported they had downed alcoholic beverages and drove within two hours. 57% said they had used marijuana and drove a vehicle within two hours.
The fact is accidents are on the rise in Colorado.  According to CDOT, these results are just a part of a bigger picture.  “This (all leads to)1 death per day on our roads, just in Colorado,” said Cole.
The fact is too, we're all guilty of one, or more, of these unsafe driving practices. It's time we slow down, put the phone down, and never drink and drive or you wind up one the noted "1 death per day."

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