Forget Punxatawney Phil, Boulder has its own animal to help predict the weather: Flatiron Freddy.

Boulder's top-hatted Freddy also, like his eastern cousin Phil, predicted another six weeks of winter on February 2, 2021, Groundhog Day.

Freddy, however, is a marmot. Marmots are rodents that are related to the squirrel family. They are like giant ground squirrels.

Boulder has been having [a] Flatirons Freddy predict how many more weeks the area has left since 2010. This year's Freddy was sure to abide by COVID-19 precautions and donned a mask, before seeing his shadow.

Did you know that Fort Collins has a bar called 'The Marmot?' It's at Campus West, near Qdoba. It was previously a brewery, Three Four, started by the gang that started the wildly popular Road 34 bar, also at Campus West. They tout themselves as 'an underground dive bar.'

I get it - a marmot burrows underground, Underground dive bar.

Maybe they are also tying in the movie 'Groundhog Day' - where Billy Murray's character would be coming in day-after-day-after-day to enjoy a cheap beer.

Anyway, six more weeks of winter is confirmed. Grab a blanket.

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