Having lived the last couple years in Lawrence, Kansas, regardless of the current weather conditions, there is a dark cloud hanging over the home of KU.  That being said, as they say, "the show must go on" and the men's NCAA National basketball regional finals continue and Boston's is where to be.

Ray Michaels

I had my first opportunity to experience Boston's on St. Patrick's Day. Needless to say, the place was packed and fun was had by all. Not only does Boston's dish out great food and drink it's also the only place in town to sign up win those very cool Bud Light basketball recliners!

Ray Michaels

Today's first game is just underway as South Carolina takes on it's SEC rival, Florida. The late afternoon game it today's marquess matchup as powerhouses Kentucky takes on North Carolina. That game tips off just after 3 local.

The drawing for the two Bud Light recliners is next Saturday, April 1st. You'll not only have the best seat in the house to watch Monday's championship game, you'll get to take the chair home. So get out to Boston's check them out, get signed up, enjoy a beverage and see what two teams advance to this years...(insert trademarked phrase).

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