Bud Light is bringing their "Are You Up for Whatever?" campaign to Crested Butte, Colo. Are the residents of this small mountain town really up for whatever?

Bud Light has been secretly planning taking over a town as part of their "Whatever, USA" campaign, and that town just happens to be Crested Butte during the weekend of September 5 - 7.

During this event, Bud Light will take over Crested Butte and paint it blue. Elk Avenue and its lampposts will be fenced off and painted blue. The town will filled with "pop-up bars" up and down the street, buskers will be performing everywhere and bands playing on a big stage. There will even be a giant game of twister.

Bud Light plans on bringing more than 1,000 people who are up for whatever from around the country.

What does Crested Butte get in return - besides a killer party? Anheuser-Busch is paying them $250,000 to take over the town for three days.

This whole event was dubbed a "Major Special Event on the Horizon" to keep it a secret, which leaked out a couple weeks ago.

Dan Marshall, who was hired to help the town with the event, told the Denver Post:

"The secrecy behind the event is because we don't want 35,000 people here. It's a matter of safety and security for us."

Crested Butte held a public meeting on Monday (Aug. 25) to discuss the upcoming event. Residents showed up to support the event, or show support for those who disapprove. Some residents don't believe that the $250,000 is enough for the town to become a circus for a weekend.

Bud Light held "auditions" to find people who were up for whatever to hangout in Whatever, USA.

What do you think, good or bad news for Crested Butte?

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