Every time I see someone on a bike, and that's often around here, I say to myself "I need to get a bike." I need to act quickly if I'm participating in Bike To Work Day.

That's tomorrow June 28th. It's an opportunity to ditch the auto and promote all the good biking does in helping conserve energy, fitness, and fun.

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In larger metros commuting to work on a bike is a way of life. Parking is a nightmare and rents too high to afford a car and an apartment. It's certainly a way of life here but for another reason, the weather. With over 300 days of sunshine, there's no reason not to take two wheels to work. I've not missed my motorcycle until I moved here but we're talking about Bike To Work Day and I'm certain that means peddling.

June is Colorado Bike Month. It's celebrates bicycling for transportation, fun, and health. In part too, it's a reminder for us behind the wheel to use caution when bikes are on the road. I followed a guy about 3 blocks this morning. I stayed back and gave him plenty of room. Remember to only pass a bicycle when it's safe to do so. Slow down and whether you ride or drive, remember to share the road.

If you decide to ride tomorrow remember to drink plenty of water. If you're not used to riding you could find yourself struggling. Don't overdue it. We want to support the cause but if your commute is more than a few miles, and you're out of practice, you might want to think twice.

Also too, if you've not ridden that bike in awhile make sure your tires are properly inflated, brakes are in good working condition and don't forget your helmet. Find out more info about local events for the whole family by clicking HERE.

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