I have never really understood why guys claim to have big balls or even more-so if they do, why that is a good thing... Do chicks find big balls sexy? Do they do something to a woman during sex? To me, big balls would be a nuisance that just get in the way (now you know I have small balls)... Now there is more proof that big nuts are bad. Science says so. 

According to The Telegraph:

Researchers have found that men with larger testes have a heightened risk of being taken to hospital with heart problems. The scientists suggest that larger testicles may be a sign of poor health and could be used as a measure of heart disease risk.

Not to add salt to the wounds of my fellow big sacked fellas, but you might expect larger testicles to produce larger amounts of ejaculate, but this is not so. In fact, the larger sex organs produce SMALLER amounts of semen per ejaculation!

The only advantage I could find through thorough research for large testes folks is that big balls seem to increase the amount of total sperm produced, thereby upping the dudes's stamina.

Who wants Rocky Mountain Oysters for dinner?