It's the third attack in the last three months.

The bear wasn't unhappy with the food or service, sorry, I couldn't resist. What happened was Sunday morning a local Aspen restaurant manager was tossing some trash into a dumpster located in the alley in the back when a bear 400lb bear popped out. The man tried to scare the bear off by clapping his hands. Then another employee threw a bag of garbage spooking the bear. The bear jumped out of the dumpster and bit the man on the back of his upper left thigh as it tried to get away.

To add insult to injury, literally, the restaurant received a $500 fine for having an "unsecured garbage" container. According to the Aspen Police, it's the restaurant's second trash violation in the last two weeks.

As mentioned, it's the third such attack in the Aspen area this summer. On Memorial Day a woman hiking along Hunter Creek Trail was bitten. She sustained two puncture wounds to her thigh. Then on Saturday, July 27th a man staying at the Aspen Meadows Resort sustained scratches to his arm when a large bear took a swipe at him.

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