Colorado Parks & Wildlife believe they have killed the aggressive bear that attacked a hiker near Aspen.

Earlier this week I shared the story of a woman attacked by an "aggressive bear" along a trail near Aspen on Memorial Day. In a press release, Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers, with assistance from United States Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services personnel, tracked and killed the bear believed to have been responsible for the attack.

Aspen locals reported seeing the bear near the Hunter Creek trailhead this morning. That tip helped officers find and track the animal. Later this afternoon the bear was killed along Highway 82 near McSwimming Road.

The woman bitten by the bear wasn't seriously injured. Situations like this are very rare. However, when they do happen, officers are ordered to euthanize any wild animal that has attacked or injured a human, regardless of the circumstances. Trying to relocate the animal isn't an option because if a bear is moved, it could resume its aggressive behavior and attack someone else in its new territory.  

CP&W has more info on how to live with bears and how to "Keep Bears Wild." To find out more, just click HERE.

Credit: 9News

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