This summer Baltimore will enact the toughest curfew laws in the nation in an effort to cut down on youth violence. Baltimore is a dangerous city and they do need to do something about the violence but why haven’t more cites gone to a tougher curfew for people under 18?

The new curfew laws will work like this. Anyone 14 and under will need to be at home by 9pm year-round and those under 17 would have a curfew of 10pm weeknights during school and 11pm on weekends.

I’m sure the kids think this is just crap and they shouldn’t have any curfew but is there any reason a 14-year-old person should be out at 11pm? When I was a kid my curfew was when the streetlights came on I better be in the yard or my ass would pay the price. That was the law of the house period.

Look the fact is there is nothing good going on after 11pm for anyone under 21 in my book but at 18 your are an adult so they get to make their own choices. Those who are under 17 and think they should be allowed to stay out all night my question is why? What are you going to do?

The answer is get into trouble that is the only thing for them to do.