The Amazing Race is holding auditions in Colorado

I consider myself very competitive. I played sports from childhood through college and beyond. Later in life, I competed in dozens of bass fishing tournaments. Actually winning a few along the way. Even today if you're fishing with me I'll try and catch more than you. If you have that competitive spirit and are in excellent physical condition, you may want to grab a friend, your spouse, a co-worker, or roommate and tryout for “The Amazing Race.”

The show is holding auditions on Thursday, July 12th at go-cart race track facility K1 Speed, 8034 Midway Drive in Littleton, Colorado. You and your partner can start lining up at 9 AM. The auditions start at 11. I know it's short notice but if you're one of the first 200 teams in line you'll have the opportunity to audition on camera. Just show up with your teammate and any props or accessories that help express why you would be the perfect team for the show. The show's looking for competitors that are, "strong-willed; outgoing; adventurous; physically and mentally adept; adaptable to new environments; interesting lifestyles, backgrounds, and personalities."

Save some time by printing and signing your release. You can get that by clicking HERE. You can also pre-register online.

The Grand Prize is a cool $1,000,000! You'll earn every penny. You must be willing to commit to traveling to remote locations around the world and be away for up to four weeks. The camera will be on you 24-7 and of course, you'll be broadcast on national TV. You'll travel to different countries competing in challenges against other teams under what the show calls "difficult and unfamiliar conditions."

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? If so, head over to the front range and who knows, you and your teammate may be the next big winner of $1,000,000 and TV's "The Amazing Race!"

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