I don't want to cause mass hysteria but rumor has it, peaches are here! Since my arrival 11 months ago, I've heard a lot about the Palisade Peaches and it's my understanding that some of the early varieties are out there. Last year I got to try one. I plan to do much better this year.

I get it that these aren't the super-duper, big, and juicy peaches coming off the trees right now but they're peaches none the less. Some local orchards have confirmed the rumor. Pictures have been popping up on social media that early 2017 peaches are indeed out there. It's certainly possible. Spring did come a bit early this year.


Palisade Peaches

Clark Family Orchards say they have some. Other local orchards confirm we're getting close. That by the end of next week some peaches will be ready. I've been told that these early varieties are usually not shipped to grocers and local fruit stands are the best place to snag some of these babies.

The Downtown Farmers Market kicks off next Thursday, June 22nd. Look for some early peaches to be for sale along Main Street in Grand Junction. The weekly event starts at 5:30. Peachy.

Credit: KKCO-TV 

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