Anybody who has played golf has tried a trick shot or two. Maybe the whole bouncing the ball of the club and hitting it baseball style like Tiger Woods trick, or worse, putting a tee in your buddy's mouth and hitting the ball. But what happens when you get a Playboy model and her backside involved in a golf trick shot? 

Playboy model Liz Dickson somehow was talked into partially exposing her behind, putting a tee between her butt-cheeks, and letting a radio host hit the ball... Said radio host was most likely distracted, as anyone would be, and struck the models moneymaker.

Dickson is now seeking $500,000 in damages from Playboy and the radio host claiming in her suit that she suffered pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries.

Just to add a little icing to this story's cake, Liz was named the 2011 “Girl of Playboy Golf Winner.”