Colorado law doesn't allow liquor sales on Christmas Day.

Need a bottle of wine or your favorite spirit for your Christmas get together? Better hit the liquor store before the holiday. There's one day Colorado liquor stores must shut their doors, it's Christmas.

Again, it's another one of those weird old laws Perhaps even a few of you locals weren't aware you can't run out and grab a bottle of wine or a 6-pack on Christmas Day? The laws are changing in this "progressive" state. On January 1st full-strength beer will finally be available at your favorite grocery and convenience store. Back in the day, Colorado banned liquor store sales on Sundays and Election Day but those laws have been struck down. The only one left on the books, liquor stores must be closed on Christmas Day.

The Colorado Director of the Liquor Enforcement, Patrick Maroney says “Historically, liquor stores and liquor license drug stores had to be closed on Christmas Day or no sales of alcohol on Christmas Day that carried over with Senate Bill 243." Now you know.

The holidays are liquor stores more busy time of the year. Most Grand Junction stores will be open on Christmas Eve to accommodate the last-minute shoppers.

Who knows? Perhaps someday lawmakers will make Christmas a day liquor stores can be open. That's not the case for this year so you better add a liqour store stop to your holiday "to-do" list. As if it wasn't already long enough.

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