The Everclear "So Much For The Afterglow" 20th-anniversary tour hits Grand Junction Sunday, May 21. That show at the Two Rivers Convention Center is the biggest show so far in 2017.

The album, released in the fall of 1997, was their most successful record selling over 2 million copies. Some of their biggest hits Father of Mine, I Will Buy You A New Life, and Everything To Everyone were all on that album and it certainly deserves celebrating.

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I most recently caught Everclear on the 2015 "Summerland" tour with the Toadies and Fuel. It was a hot summer night in Kansas City when the fellas hit the stage in the downtown Power & Light District.

For this show in downtown Grand Junction, we here at 95 Rock have something special planned for some lucky listeners. As we ease into May we'll start giving away "95 Rock Box" tickets. The show at Two Rivers is GA. We'll have a special section roped off right in the middle of the action with chairs, tables, and our own wait staff. One grand prize winner will meet the band, hang out at soundcheck, and set up beside the stage.

90's stars, Fastball is also on the bill.  This band out of Austin, TX hit it with the tunes "Out Of My Head" and "The Way" back in 1998.

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Also part of the show is Vertical Horizon. You may recall their breakout 1999 album Everything You Want. The title track was a #1 hit in 2000 as was "You're A God."

Tickets for the show are on sale now. You may want to get them before they're gone. Get to Monumental Events to get yours.