The Denver Police said on Facebook that they pulled over a large box truck on Tuesday and found a huge collection of fireworks for sale.

The department contacted the Bomb Squad and Explosive Detection Canine Team to let them know they were investigating illegal firework for sale out of a box truck and a home in southwest Denver.

They proceeded to stop the suspect and he gave the officers permission to search the vehicle. Canines from the Explosive Detection Team positively indicated the fireworks. At that point, 31-year-old Louis Maestas was ticketed and the box truck impounded.

Denver Police Seize Fireworks
Denver Police Department via Facebook

From Facebook:

This amount of fireworks, when not properly stored, is designated as hazardous waste by both the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency. The fireworks were seized and will be disposed of, and the truck was impounded.

Source: DPD Facebook

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