The Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks began play for Lord Stanley’s Cup, which begs, who is Lord Stanley and what is up with his Cup? The first Cup was awarded in 1893, making it the oldest of the four major North American sports.

In 1892 the Governor General ofCanada, Lord Stanley ofPreston, commissioned the Cup as a prize for the top amateur ice hockey club. It cost $48.00 and quickly became a sought after prize inCanada. For the next 35 years this was the life of the Stanley Cup.


In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans of the PCHA went toCanadaand played in the tournament. They beat the mighty Montreal Canadiens to become the first American team to win the Cup.


In 1926 the WHL folded and the National Hockey League bought up the assets. That included the Stanley Cup and from that point on only the teams of the NHL have played for it.


The really cool thing about this trophy is it’s the same Cup. The Cup that Patrick Roy lifted in 1996 is the same cup that Gretzky,Hull, Orr, Howe, Richard and a ton of other great players have lifted.


The player who has won the Cup the most is Henri Richard, 11 times. Jean Beliveau won it 10 times as a player and seven as an executive. The Montreal Canadiens have won the cup the most with 24 wins and were the last Canadian team to win the Cup, in 1993, thanks to a Patrick Roy.


The other major sports make a new trophy each year. Not the NHL, this is the 120th time that a pair of hockey teams are play a series of games for the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks beat the Bruins in triple overtime 4-3; this is going to be a fun ride.