It has been 20-years since a team from Canada has won Lord Stanley’s Cup, will that drought finally come to an end this year? With the Montreal Canadians win last night over the Boston Bruins they are Canada’s best and only hope.

As the seconds ticked away in game seven last night that roar you heard was our neighbors to the north cheering for their lone team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Boston Bruins were believed to be the best team in the East and was expected to play the winner of the west for the Cup. Montreal upset the mighty Bruins and now will play the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals. That’s why they play the games Billy.

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The last time a team from Canada won the Cup it was 1993 and a guy named Patrick Roy was backstopping the Montreal Canadians to their 24th Cup win. Roy would move to Denver just a couple of season later were he would hang two more banners before calling it day.

This is a big deal to our friends in the great white north; hockey is their national pastime. Just think if the NFL and CFL merged and a team from the states didn’t win the Super Bowl for some 20 years. That would have every American cheering for any American team to bring the title home.

That is where the Canadians are right now. A person who is 25 can’t even remember one of their teams winning the Cup. So as a country they are all pulling for Montreal to finally bring an end to this long drought. Will it happen? I’m not sold on that just yet as the Rangers will have something to say about that.

The Eastern Conference Finals will begin Saturday on NBC and should be a great series to watch unfold. Both teams are coming off big road wins and have hot goalies so it is sure to be must watch TV.