A new bill in the state house would force Colorado high schools to get permission to use Native American mascots. I know that some people say this is offensive to the Native American but is it really?

Let's just look at a team in our community the Central Warriors. How can you look at their logo and find that offensive? The fact is that a proud warrior with feathers in his hair and a braid coming down his neck.

It isn't some goofy cartoon of an Indian Warrior it's what I think an Indian warrior would look like from some tribes and Central isn't the only one. My high school also used the warriors and our logo was very similar.

I never found it offensive I was proud to put on my school colors and logo and I would bet the kids at Central High School are just as proud.

Take a moment and look at Native American mascots across the country. I will concede that the Cleveland Indians logo is pretty cartoonish, but that is just one out of hundreds.

When you look at the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks or the North Dakota Fighting Sioux those are not some insults but the depiction of a proud warrior and why are they used?

They are used because those tribes have ties to the party of the country. I don't think any high school, college or pro team picked their logo and nickname to insult the Native American.

Why would you pick a team name that was an insult? I want a team name that strikes fear into my opponent, not laughter.

Personal I think this is just another shell game to keep us from looking at the real problems in our government. As long as they're talking about what the left hand is doing they don't have to explain what the right hand is doing.

Shouldn't our elected leaders be working on the roads, schools and growing the economy of our state? I think we should contact these men and women and tell them to get to work on what is really important to the state of Colorado.