At the Lollapalooza Argentina show over the weekend Jack White was joined on stage by a rock legend. They broke a killer track from Led Zeppelin and for a live track that probably wan't rehearsed they did damn good in my book.

One of great front men of all time Mr. Robert Planet joined Jack White on stage for a cover of 'The Lemon Song' from Led Zeppelin II. The album is considered by most to be one of the most influential rock recordings of all time.

I was about 14 or so when I got my first copy of Led Zeppelin II and I'm pretty sure my mom hated it. I would play it every time I took a shower so I think my mom got a little tired of it.

I still jam that album today and if you have never checked it out for some reason get a copy and give a few spins I'm sure you will find something there you like.