Facecbook, Mesa County Sheriff’s Office [Inset][/caption]The sordid tale of Heather Jensen continues to unfold and now she wants to fire her defense attorney. Her defense attorney, Ed Nugent, filed a request for a gag order on the case and for public records to be sealed last week and was denied by a judge.

She filed the request just five days after being formally charged by Mesa County Judge Valerie Robison in connection with the deaths of her children. She had her first court date in Mesa County after being extradited from Florida last Thursday February  2013.

Heather didn't go into much detail at all behind her reasoning of firing her attorney, but he also filed a motion to withdraw. It's unknown if she has hired a new private attorney, will request a new public defense attorney from the state or will try and represent herself.

After last Thursday's court date Heather Jensen officially faces four felony charges for child abuse resulting in death, criminally negligent homicide and misdemeanor false reporting. Her sons were buried next to their father Eric in Palisade, Colorado later that day after their grandmother fought for an injunction and won.

Heather Jensen is currently calling Mesa County Jail home and is due back in court tomorrow Thursday February 13, 2013. Some in the community are wondering if the man she was having sex with while her children died should also be charged.