Heather Jensen made her first court appearance in Mesa County yesterday, Thursday February 7, 2013. She appeared before Mesa County Judge Valerie Robison.
Judge Robison was not open to the idea Heather's lawyer dreamed up that a gag order should be imposed and public records sealed by a court order. Her lawyer fears that his client won't get a fair and impartial jury if more details of her personal life surface publicly.

The judge said that what her attorney was seeking was "lacking in authority" under Colorado law. She also noted that Colorado criminal law rules don't even have a provision to seal public records. The District Attorney noted that even if those two things had happened the public and media could still attend court proceedings.

Heather's attorney is concerned of a "lynch mob mentality" by the community regarding Heather Jensen. Her two toddler sons, two year old William and four year old Tyler, were laid to rest hours after Heather was formally charged. Their grandmother fought hard and spent thousands on an injunction to give them a proper burial and service next to their father Eric Jensen in Palisade, Colorado.

Heather Jensen was formally charged yesterday with two counts of criminally negligent child abuse resulting in death, two counts of criminally negligent homicide and false reporting to authorities. Her right to a pretrial hearing within 30 days was waived, she is expected back in court next Thursday February 14, 2013.