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You already must be 21 to purchase tobacco products in Aspen. Will the law be nationwide in the near future?

Maybe. Colorado Representative Diana DeGette, a Democrat, is reintroducing a bill to raise the smoking age in the U.S. to 21. The bill is called "Tobacco to 21 Act" and would raise the legal smoking age nationwide. This isn't DeGette's first try at this. The bill was first introduced in 2015.

Its passage is more likely this time around. Like Aspen, 270 cities and five states have raised the age to purchase tobacco to 21. Organizations like Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is gaining momentum and let's face it, there's not anything cool about smoking. We all know the health hazard. The question is "If you're old enough to vote and serve your country shouldn't you be old enough to by a pack of smokes or a can of chew?" What are your thoughts?

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